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Record Store Day 2023: Which Manchester Shops Are Participating?

Gage Quinn | 11th April 2023 | Blog

Record Store Day is an event that sees many of the UK’s record stores recognise and celebrate the record store culture by releasing some exciting exclusive vinyl. Record collectors queue up for hours for a chance to grab some of the 400 unique records that are made available for the day. And with it being less than a month away, here’s a little heads-up on the three stores in Manchester city centre that will be participating so that you can get your hands on one of the many Record Store Day exclusive ‘special vinyl releases’.

Vinyl Exchange

Oldham Street in the Northern Quarter is home to some of Manchester’s best entertainment offerings such as Night and Day, Fig + Sparrow, The Freemount, and of course one of the city’s largest dealers of second-hand records and CDs. Vinyl Exchange at 18 Oldham Street boasts two floors filled wall-to-wall with a wide range of genres. You can find anything from rock, pop, funk, disco, techno and hip-hop. Vinyl Exchange are proud of their fair pricing whether you are a buyer or a seller, along with their knowledgeable team. Operating since 1988, Vinyl Exchange have well and truly earned their place as one of Manchester’s go-to places for vinyl. Last year they released their Record Store Day list the day before, so there’s a good chance you won’t get to see their offering until the very last minute.

Piccadilly Records

Just down the road we have yet another seasoned and reputable record dealer. Piccadilly Records first opened in 1978 in the height of the post-punk era before moving to their spot at 58 Oldham Street in 1997 where they stock an impressive amount of indie and alternative records alongside disco, funk, house, and psych. Over the years, Piccadilly Records have been consistently recognised through many awards and national newspapers such as the Guardian’s Best Record Shops, and placed at number 1 in The Independent’s Top 50 UK Independent Record Shops.
Piccadilly Records will have over 300 records, CDs and Cassettes on offer such as Pixies’ demos, Taylor Swift’s ‘Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions”, Fleetwood Mac’s Albatross. Live With the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra from Record Store Day 2023 ambassadors The 1975 will also be widely available amongst record stores. A full list of their releases along with a printable checklist is available on their website which you can view here.

Vinyl Revival

Finally, we have Vinyl Revival which sits on Hilton Street, not too far from the others. They started out in 1997 and they take pride in dedicating much of their shop to local bands stretching from today all the way back to the 60’s. On top of their vinyl and CD selection, they also have a notable variety of t-shirts, posters, and other merchandise. Record Store Day or not, Vinyl Revival is certainly worthy of a visit.

Vinyl Revival have not yet announced what they’ll be stocking for Record Store Day.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

Record Store Day is about celebrating record store culture. And with potentially collectable pressings being released, it is in RSD’s and the store’s best interest to make sure the spirit of the day is kept intact. This means imposing a small set of rules in order to avoid scalpers and unfairness. Generally, sales are on a ‘first come first serve’ basis. There’s also a one copy per person rule, however there’s no limit to how many different titles you can pick up. RSD releases are in-person only so you should expect to queue up, however many stores will make their unsold stock available to purchase online afterwards. Certain limited-edition vinyl will be in small quantities so make sure you get there early so you have the best chance of getting them. Good luck!

Gage Quinn

Hi, I'm Gage. I am a student and photographer in Manchester with an interest in journalism. I decided to start Cebu as a way to give a platform to ideas surrounding sustainability in the music industry. I hope to see real change and for the industry to become a better place. Through transparency and sustainable practices I believe that we can collectively achieve that.

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