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Is it Streaming Service's Fault that Artists Are Underpaid?

Streaming has become the default listening medium for the majority of music consumers. However, there’s been concerns over the pay-out that artists receive...

We are cebu...

Cebu is a 100% independently run news magazine focused on providing news, articles, reviews and interviews about Manchester's vibrant music culture, and the wider music industry. We aim to spread information and awareness about issues that are troubling both Manchester's music and culture scene, and the music industry worldwide. We believe in a sustainable and fair future of the industry. And we believe in transparency and credibility in the way we report it. Our first article is about the streaming royalty issues that many artists face. You can read it here. Follow us on Instagram to ensure you are kept in the loop. Thanks... 

our team...

Gage Quinn
Writer/ Editor

Hi, I'm Gage. I am a student and photographer in Manchester with an interest in journalism. I decided to start Cebu as a way to give a platform to ideas surrounding sustainability in the music industry.

Alongside music, I also work in the specialty coffee industry. It was working in the coffee industry where I started to become more conscious of issues surrounding equality, fairness and sustainability.


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